30 Days to Clear Skin-CB « Beyond Beautiful Skin

30 Days to Clear Skin-CB « Beyond Beautiful Skin

My breakout nightmare began when I was 12 and went from a few zits to my face being fully covered with painful cysts and whiteheads.

I went to countless dermatologists, was on antibiotics for endless months in my s, and spent so much money on appointments, prescriptions, cortisone shots and acne cleansing products…yet my skin never fully cleared.

My last stab at a “cure” was when I went on Accutane for 7 months when I was 28. I thought I finally had the clear skin I always dreamed of! But as soon as I went off birth control a couple years later, welcome back acne.

Working in fashion (an extremely aesthetics-driven industry!) and having to go to meetings with painful and obvious breakouts was devastating. My productivity was interrupted with trips to the bathroom to see what my “face” was doing.

I have spent countless hours in front of the mirror prepping my skin in order to leave the house…talk about HIGH maintenance!

I have missed out on years of dates, relationships, activities and vacations because my chronic acne dominated and controlled my life.

Every morning I would wake up to see what I had to tackle that day. It was exhausting. I desperately wanted the option to NOT wear makeup just for once.

I clearly remember a tear-filled breakdown in my dermatologist’s office as I sobbed my frustration asking why the breakouts keep happening even though I’m almost 30!

Once I discovered the right way to clear my skin CLEAR my skin that my dermatologist never told me about…

Introducing… “30 Days to Clear Skin: A Step-by-Step Guide to Clear Your Skin Naturally”

No matter where you are starting from, we can all have clear, glowing and naturally radiant skin QUICKLY.

This is information that will teach you what the underlying cause of your acne is, how to clear it up without having to use another crappy toxic product that doesn’t work and get knowledge from a certified holistic health coach who has been through it and has the solution for you.

It’s not rocket science, but making changes in your health requires the right system, support and accountability…and this book will get you on that path quickly.

You’ll learn to get your body back in balance, and in that process you’ll clear up other issues like digestion, constipation, bloating, fatigue & extra weight. What amazing side effects!

Not only will your skin clear up, but you will be empowered in all areas of your life when you learn that you are in control of your body…not the other way around.

I want this investment to be affordable so I can help as many women as possible get their life back and break-free of the breakouts.

Take a minute to add up the cost of dermatologist appointments, facials, prescriptions, products, books, programs, makeup, injections… maybe you missed out on a raise or promotion because you didn’t have the confidence to ask? And remember, none of these have worked anyway.

5 products with hundreds of age-accelerating chemicals, 15 minutes of skin care product application, hundreds of dollars to….

2 products with ZERO age-accelerating chemicals, 5 quick minutes in front of the mirror and less than $20 a month in high quality products…and got naturally clear & glowing skin WITHOUT any harsh chemicals!

And I share the top products you should replace right now to save yourself from toxicity that can be detrimental to your skin & health.

I love sharing my favorite natural clean beauty products that actually WORK, so you don’t have to do anything except go shopping!

This is the missing piece you’ve been searching for. And now it’s just a click away. How exciting!

What would it feel like to hear someone say “wow, you’re skin is beautiful!”? I remember the first time someone said that to me…I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. My heart swells just thinking about it.

How great would it be if you didn’t have to spend an extra 30, 40, 50 minutes “fixing” your face?

And not to mention having boundless energy, weight you’ve been trying to lose forever just slips away and you just FEEL GOOD! And being healthy can add YEARS onto your life.

I’m ready to support and guide you. I know you’re ready too. So let’s get you FEELING beautiful…because that’s really what it’s all about.

The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended to be used for educational purposes only. Laurisa encourages… Go to store

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