ten minute training bursts -

ten minute training bursts -

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Remember back to the last time you went for a jog outside, forcing yourself to get your cardio in, while hating every single minute of it.

You’re struggling, step after grueling step. You tell yourself that the longer you run, the closer you’ll be to that lean, fit body that you’ve always wanted.

Your legs feel like Jell-O, your feet are sore, yet somehow you’re still breathing comfortably – while barely breaking a sweat.

They’re dressed sharp and professional – definitely not afraid to wear the form-fitting clothes you couldn’t imagine buying – with a confidence that immediately draws you in.

They’re always busy, with a demanding job and a growing family, yet they have the lean, body that you’re desperately chasing.

As they leave, you think to yourself, “Why are they so fit when they do just a few minutes (or so they say) of exercise, while I spend an entire hour of cardio every day?”

Because of their schedule, they claim to only exercise for a few short minutes, because they don’t have time for anything more.

That’s been used as a convenient excuse for years, but for some reason, you actually believe them.

It’s a secret so powerful that ordinary people – from stay-at-moms to busy business executives with long commuts – have used it to work out less while looking and feeling up to 20 years younger.

They’re on the cutting edge, they’re not doing what everyone else does. They want something more, which is why they’ve gotten the results that you so desperately want.

While following a proven workout program is very important, what’s just as important is what these people DON’T do.

In fact, Linsey Davis of ABC News headed over to New York Sports Club in New York to investigate this very issue.

After running one mile on the treadmill, the machine logged 94 calories burned. Next, Davis was fitted with an oxygen yzer, which can count calories burned down to the decimal point.

After doing the exact same warm-up that she did for her first treadmill run, Davis ran another mile at the same pace. The oxygen yzer counted only 75 calories – about 20% less than the gyms treadmill.

The thing is, most people don’t just run one mile on the treadmill. They run for 3, 5 or 10 miles. Or maybe it’s 30 minutes to an hour.

It’s even worse if you use the elliptical machine. Research has showed that it overestimates calories burned by 42%!

The information in this study is so powerful, yet everyone I talk to – from other fitness professionals to my own fitness boot camp members – have never heard of it.

It’s almost as though it’s been locked in a secret vault, with those “in-the-know” griping on to it tightly, not wanting anyone else to share in their wisdom.

Today, I’m going to share this powerful information with you, because it will change the way you look at exercise forever.

In 1999, with funding from the American Heart ociation, Dr. Glenn Gaesser (exercise physiology, Univ. of Virginia) conducted the first “Spark” study, designed to determine if many short bursts of exercise would have the same health and fitness benefits as the standard 30-40 minutes, three-times-a-week routine.

The study followed 40 ordinary people (perhaps like you, not ex-athletes or fitness pros, which most studies use) for three weeks on a regimen of 15 ten-minute exercise units per week.

The Spark – The Revolutionary New Plan to Get Fit and Lose Weight – 10 Minutes at a Time, Dr. Glenn A. Gaesser, Karla Dougherty, January 2002.

It’s extremely hard for me to write this, but I want to be completely honest with you. You deserve to know the truth.

That’s right. As I talk every single day about pushing through adversity, not making excuses, and never giving up on what’s important in your life…..I did exactly that.

Long days at the office were normal, even weekends, all while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

After a long day at work, often leaving tired and frustrated, I would force myself through another long workout.

A few hours later, I would finally get home, with just enough time to throw some dinner in the microwave before going to bed.

My energy levels plummeted (isn’t exercise is supposed to lift them up?), I was constantly… Go to store

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