Wrap Yourself Slim Body Wraps Exposed – Lose Fat & Inches with a body wrap on your weight loss program. Recipes and formulas to make your own seaweed, mud, chocolate and herbal…

Wrap Yourself Slim Body Wraps Exposed - Lose Fat & Inches with a body wrap on your weight loss program. Recipes and formulas to make your own seaweed, mud, chocolate and herbal...

You Can LOSE 6-21 Inches, Minimize Cellulite, Tone your Skin and Detoxify Your Body in Only 60 Minutes with My Home Body Wrap Recipes…GUARANTEED!

Have you ever spent up to a $50-100.00 an hour on a wrap at the salon to achieve inch loss? … I have!

My name is Ella Simpson and several years ago I noticed that my arms were flabby, my belly was sagging and plump, and my thighs jiggled, while dieting on a weight loss program!

A friend of mine told me she was getting a body wrap once a week. So I decided to try one. I spent $85.00 for the single body wrap session.

They were right, it was PERMANENT! …and because of the detoxification benefits of body wraps in addition to my weight loss program, I didn’t put it back on.

The salon technician offered me a package of 6 body wraps for $390.00. That was more than my car note! I politely explained that I would get back to her and I went home to do some investigating.

A body wrap is an all-natural alternative to plastic surgery. It slenderizes and contours your body shape in only an hour. The body wrap produces the utic and cosmetic benefits by cleansing the body of toxins and reducing inches.

Yes, the body wrap is very popular with m age the s and salon technicians for that very reason. You can use the body wrap to relieve yourself from pain due to injury and illness.

I did my research in the plenty of natural health, herbal, and nutrition books I had in my personal library. I am very health conscious and studied herbology under Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing.

I discovered my own formulas and techniques that worked better for me and my friends than the wrap I got at the Salon! My kitchen became a laboratory to develop effective wrapping formulas that can be used and prepared at home – at a fraction of the cost of the ones given at the salon.

I immediately realized that the formulas and supplies are extremely economical and are so easy to prepare. You can find the ingredients in your local Health Food store or at an incredible savings online!

You can invest as little as $3.00 – $5.00 per wrap by buying the supplies and making your own body wraps at home!

Over the course of my testing, I also discovered techniques and helpful tips that actually help to boost results!

I began testing the formulas on friends, family and myself and got the same if not better results from my own formulas. We got amazing results…

*Excellent results are obtained in conjunction with healthy diet and moderate exercise. Body wrapping supports, enhances and boosts your diet and exercise results

Body wrapping is a the utic treatment that is applied to detoxify the body using simple all natural ingredients.

These easy readily available ingredients applied over the years traditionally to tighten and tone the skin and help stimulate the body to rid itself of trapped toxins, excess fat and excessive trapped lymph fluids.

This detoxification reduces the appearance of cellulite, creates inch loss, and helps tighten and tone the skin.

Detoxifying the body through body wrapping not only creates inch loss and shrinking, it is also an excellent addition to any weight loss program.

When losing weight on any reduction diet your skin can lose elasticity, start to sag and in some cases accentuate cellulite, making you appear bigger than you really are. Body wrapping can be a great boost for any reduction program.

Create body wrap formulas at home with my simple recipes. Along with my EXCEPTIONAL tips & techniques, you can keep the inches off!

The ingredients in my formulas are traditionally applied to help minimize the appearance of cellulite, condition the skin, tighten the skin, eliminate toxins, eliminate trapped fluids, relieve pain, and more… This is accomplished by applying these ingredients to the skin.

Your skin is the largest eliminative and absorbing organ. It is sometimes referred to as "the second lung". It is able to absorb w ver you place on it.

The medical ociation regularly use a patch applied to the skin to deliver medicine to the body. They have been doing it for years.

For the first time, I am revealing my discoveries in my book,"Wrap Yourself Slim: Body Wraps Exposed!"

This is better than the typical weight loss cream that you find today. Use this easy-to-prepare affordable formula to help contour your abs, thighs, hips ocks, etc … in less than two weeks!

This book exposes all of the "MYSTICISM" behind the body wrap and has all the information that you need to start you on your way to a slimmer, tighter body.

The results that… Go to store

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