A Guide to Getting Younger After 60

A Guide to Getting Younger After 60

Life is about choices. If you choose to "let nature take it’s course" you will find the each p ing year brings another inch or so on your waist, and a little higher blood pressure. You develop some nagging aches and pains that never seem to go away. Your energy level seems to be half of what it was only a few years ago. You start feeling "old before your time". This is not what you want to have happen. Suppose that instead of feeling and looking worse each year, you could actually be stronger, slimmer and in better shape than you ever imagined possible. Suppose that instead of using your clothes to camoflage your body, you were wore clothes that showed off your great shape. Now that would be cool! Deep down you know that if you don’t start taking good care of yourself NOW, your body is going to decline much more quickly than you want. You will literally become "old before your time". Where you want to go is the path where you literally "turn back the clock"…start shedding fat…building a "hard body" and turning your life into what you would like it to be. It does not matter whether you are 40, 50, 60 or beyond. You can make a m ive positive impact on changes in your body and your life. it is possible for you to "feel 30 when you are 60". If you are in your 40′s, things can be even better! OK…if this sounds too good to be true, let me show you why I make this claim. All of the photos you see on this page are of me….at the age of 72. The body I have is a product of solid training and proper nutrition. I have never used performance enhancing drugs, hormone replacements, plastic surgery or "magic" supplements. I have been training and competing in sports since I was 14. That’s 58 years of learning what works and what is strictly "smoke and mirrors". I’m going to share a bunch of my insights with you, because I know you really want to have the best body possible, and you are sick of being fed a bunch of marketing hype about "miracle" programs. I’m a normal person, not a freak. If I can have this body at 72, think about what you can do if you are 40, 50, 60 or w ver age you are.

Let me tell you up front that if you want 5 minute workouts twice a week while you eat everything in sight, the Decades Younger program is not for you. Achieving great results takes work, dedication and discipline. But, these are qualities we all admire. Just think how proud you will be to accomplish your transformation because you had the inner strength needed to succeed. Because so many people today want "instant success", there is no shortage of products sold with the promise that you can get great results with no effort. Instant success with no effort only happens in dreamland. There is NO product anywhere that can give you fabulous overnight results. There is NO product anywhere that can give you a great body without real effort on your part. Don’t fall for the phony promises of instant effortless success. They will not only cost you your hard earned money, they will undercut any chance you may have for real success.

Despite all the advertising and hype, there are really only two things that will give you a great body: proper exercise and eating nutritious food in proper quan ies. These days there are a huge number of programs that promise you that great results come from minimal effort. I think this is nothing but a day dream. I have seen people doing "minimal workouts" in gyms all my career. Guess what….they get minimal results…if any. When you are just starting out, you get the illusion that you are making progress because in reality doing any physical activitiy other than resting in bed will give you some results for the first few weeks. The problem is that after the first few weeks, people using the "minimal effort" approach stop making any progress. Your body adapts to a work load. That is how you "get in condition". If the program makes minimal demands on you, the training benefits you get stop quickly. Your progress stops a few steps above complete beginner.

What WILL WORK is a comprehensive and progressive training program. By that I mean a systematic program that shows you how train, what to eat, and how to train so that the effect of your trainng is ulative. One stage builds on another. To make real progress you need nutriton guidance that will enable you to revamp your eating habits so… Go to store

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