7 Recipes For Life – Breakthrough ‘No Diet’ Weight Loss Research

7 Recipes For Life - Breakthrough 'No Diet' Weight Loss Research

REVEALED: The most deadly "everyday" recipe on earth that’s the CAUSE of your unwanted weight gain…

Re: 7 SIMPLE ways to permanently destroy the One Killer Recipe, end overeating and stop weight gain in its tracks

id you know that there is one recipe that is so dangerous, yet so effective at causing food addiction and weight gain, that it’s being used in virtually EVERY restaurant, EVERY canned food, and EVERY fast food on earth?

Did you know that this one recipe is the single most powerful cause of your issues with gaining weight, as well as the top three killer diseases?

Did you know that there are simple, easy-to-prepare ‘counter-recipes’ that not only erase what this one killer concoction is doing to your body and your health, they also rapidly restore your body to its ideal weight, boost your energy through the atmosphere, and revitalize all 9 of your body’s internal health zones… all at the same time?

Listen, it’s not your fault. Unless you’ve worked directly with the international food industries, as I have, or unless you are a professional whole foods nutritionist and chef, this information is very, VERY hard to come by.

Not only is this deadly recipe secret kept hidden from the public by the powers that be—ONLY so they can increase their profits (trust me, they do not care at all about you or your family’s health or issues with weight gain)—it’s also been cleverly disguised with false and misleading labeling information.

Think about it: would you willing buy something for you and your loved ones to eat that had this label on it?

Of course you wouldn’t! This isn’t a matter of you not being a smart consumer…this is a matter of THEM being very, very clever marketers, and having fringe elements of national governments right in their back pockets.

Food companies that use The Deadly Recipe rake in over $200 BILLION a year in revenues, and that is not including “normal” restaurants, canned foods, and grocery store “healthy foods” that—you got it—include the same deadly recipe. Call me cynical if you want, but I just don’t see anyone willing to lose $200 Billion + every single year simply by telling the truth about this fat making, health-breaking mixture… do you?

Yet there IS an answer… it’s what I do as my life’s mission. It’s the truth I’ve been spreading to literally millions of people across dozens of countries for over 17 years. The good news is that it will make you happy when you discover how easy it is to cut back or even remove this Deadly Recipe from you and your loved one’s foods without sacrificing an ounce of taste!

There are five ingredients in the One Killer Recipe. If it was as simple as “don’t eat these five foods”, life would be easy…but it’s not. The Killer Recipe was designed in such as way as to make all five of these foods work together and make a very, very powerful drug-like effect on the body.

These five ingredients are: refined table salt, refined sugar, “Franken-oils” (oils that have been modified), refined grains (yes, grains!), and chemicals. The chemicals used vary from recipe to recipe, but they are toxic, and get this: they cause a mive addiction to the foods they’re in.

So, if you’re beating yourself up over being unable to maintain a diet, lose weight, or craving foods (especially at night)—stop. This Killer Recipe is the real culprit, and food companies have spent hundreds of millions of dollars perfecting this lethal tail over the years.

Now, there’s really great news: everything you need to counteract this Killer Recipe is found in 7 very simple, absolutely delicious recipes. I designed each of these recipes with taste in mind, not just health and weight loss. Plus, these 7 recipes are so flexible and so easy to prepare (even if you the kitchen!) that you can literally build an entire dietary plan around them.

The specific nutrients, vitamins, and macronutrient ratios (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) that I use in these 7 recipes were designed with just as much attention as the food companies spent designing the Killer Recipe—just with pennies instead of millions of dollars! Eating these foods in the right combination will help you break free from any food addiction you have, enable your body to FINALLY start burning fat around the clock, and restore your energy and vitality to that of an excited teenager!

I’ve spent the past several years putting these recipes together into one simple-to-read mini-cookbook called 7 Recipes For Life… Go to store

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