BJJ Abs — BJJ Immersion

BJJ Abs — BJJ Immersion

No I am not a fitness expert. I simply am a Jiu Jitsu guy who has surrounded himself with the best in the fitness industry and tailored many of my exercises for Jiu Jitsu.

You can say what you want but at 37 Years of age I can hang with some of the best in the world today. My body works like a well-oiled machine unlike many who can’t even walk right or are always talking about their day at the chiropractor.

You want a fast and effective way to get a 6 pack? I’m going to show you the fastest way I built abs and got even better at Jiu Jitsu without thinking about getting a 6 pack. Looking good on the beach was never my goal, but the just happened. And what’s more important I never felt better in my life.

You can easily do all of these exercises at home. This eBook contains 7 super simple and wickedly effective Plank exercises that are sure to make your mid-section and lower back as strong as an ox. Besides nutrition (which we include so deliciously), planks are a sure-fire way to get a strong waist and center. Planks work so many facets of the body including the back and neck region if done as we show. This position incorporates not only most of your body, such as the shoulders and  bicep, but depending on how advanced you become with these simple exercises they are sure to develop a stronger mind by being in this position during your plank training. I liken different kinds of planking as using an "active post" in Jiu Jitsu which can allow you to stay and p on top as opposed to getting swept.`If you want a stronger core and ab endurance then planks are a must for your Jiu Jitsu.

This is a shorter super simple ebook with some nice stellar to hit the abs for beginners through advanced. These exercises will work your back as well as your front. We will hit the obliques as well as many muscle other engaged groups. All you need to do is combine it with your technique for the perfect combination. The second exercise is an absolute monster for getting some serious abs and can also be done from beginner or advanced standpoint. Any of the exercises using the pull up bar can be done for endurance also. If you don’t have a pull up bar spend the 8  or so extra bucks at a sporting goods store to do these exercises.

Many parts of your core are being worked over the duration of 20 Exercises throughout this heartily filled book. The resistance endured from using the medicine ball will prove to advance your performance throughout all of the exercises. The exercises here will have a significant carryover especially for your guard. If you can complete just a few of these you will prove to be an absolute monster from the bottom. If you don;t have a medicine ball get one, they are not that expensive or just use your book or gym bag or even a gallon jug of water works well when I stay in hotels. No Excuses here.

The first few exercises  are done on the knees and are very beginner friendly. These exercises will build onto the next few exercises and engage the core incredibly well. You will then stand up and mix the stance and positioning up to give you a real feel like you are in someone’s guard or even p ing their guard with one knee up. This whole book is incredibly effective for posture and position while on top in Jiu Jitsu.

A lot of people think the core is just abs but it involves the lower back as well. It all works together for p ing and not getting swept. Posture is a huge area of concern in Jiu Jitsu and a big reason we feel back pain is big reason for lack of keeping it. This book starts off with simple lower back exercises that are going to help your posture big time. After you go through a dynamic series of building strength in your lower back you will hit many different points on your back that will make your posture even stronger so you can come up on your sweeps and not get pulled down from your opponent’s guard. -You then get to see a wide array of hyper extension exercises beginning from simple to more advanced or complex depending on your fitness level.  Finally we dive into using a barbell and do some simple back exercises that can have a dramatic effect on your Jiu Jitsu. Game-Changer right here!

This eBook is 103 pages chalk-filled to the brim with… Go to store

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