FlatBellyBreakthrough.com – Discover The Simple Secrets To Finding Your Feminine Curves!

FlatBellyBreakthrough.com - Discover The Simple Secrets To Finding Your Feminine Curves!

Don’t feel bad about yourself or give up. You have good reason for frustration, because you’ve been lead down the wrong path far too long.

Did you know that the advice nutrition “experts” have been giving you for decades could actually be making you GAIN fat around your belly, hips and thighs?

In spite of doing everything “right,” you can still put on embarr ing fat that makes you want to stay covered up at the beach, skip the form-fitting dresses and swear the dryer “shrank your jeans” again.

If you’re more comfortable spending Saturday night hiding in your sweatpants instead of being seen in anything too revealing–but you’d RATHER be rocking a dress–keep reading.

No, this isn’t some sort of conspiracy theory or wacky idea. I’m talking cold, hard, scientific facts.

It may sound hard to believe, but despite claims of being the healthiest choice, popular diet recommendations usually cause a vicious cycle of eating that causes you to gain weight.[i]

In fact, since this outdated information has been promoted Americans’ obesity rates have skyrocketed. Recent data shows that 69% of us are now either overweight or obese.[ii]

If the latest dietary guidelines actually helped people with weight loss, this would NOT be the case.

Instead, essentially 7 of every 10 people in this country struggle with extra fat. It might not make you feel any better, but you are not alone.

Years ago the blessings of youth gave you a big advantage, but as the number of birthday candles increases so does the threat to your waistline.

If you’re a woman over 40 struggling with extra fat, the time to take action is NOW. The scary truth is that if you don’t fight it you could be heading toward obesity.

In fact, if you’re like a typical American woman, you will gain at least a pound of unwanted fat every year during perimenopause[iii], fat that lands on your hips, thighs and belly.

Let me ask you this: How do you want to feel when you run into your old flame at your big high school reunion: pudgy, frumpy and matronly, or slim, and ‘hot’?

Unfortunately, the obesity cards are stacked against us women over 40. Our hormonal make-up is completely different from men’s, which makes it extra challenging to take the weight off and keep it off.

We need to pamper ourselves more than a man to avoid the hormonal chaos that would reduce our ability to burn fat and could actually cause fat to be stored where we don’t want it.

It’s certainly not mainstream advice. The fact is, you need cutting-edge information to stay lean over 40 and beat the threats of the modern-day world.

If you think it’s “too hard at your age,” or you “don’t have time” to lose those embarr ing extra pounds, think again.

Even though you’re over 40 and going through a lot of hormonal changes, you CAN lose those pounds and inches by working with your hormones and without crash dieting, dangerous pills, marathon exercise sessions or (gasp!) gastric byp surgery.

You see, I understand your problem, the feeling that you can’t lose weight or get back in shape at your age. After all,

You want to take care of yourself, but sometimes the whole thing seems so hopeless. You’ve tried everything, but despite your efforts the fat has never gone away and stayed away for good.

You might beat up on yourself, thinking you’re a failure and that you would be able to lose that extra fat if only you had more willpower.

The problem is NOT some sort of personal weakness. The problem is the information you’ve been listening to and dutifully respecting for all these years.

Fat loss science just hasn’t been strong enough to really understand what happens to women trying to lose weight after 40, but now it’s finally coming to light.

The simplistic “eat less, exercise more” mantra that relies on the energy balance theory  (that is, calories in = calories out) without taking other important factors into consideration is plain old outdated, misinformed advice.

That old thinking just leads to imbalanced hormones and a lowered resting metabolic rate, making easier to gain fat. Your body tries to adapt to this self-imposed starvation by lowering the number of calories you need to function, allowing you to survive on meager rations.

When you go back to eating “regularly” after your “diet” has ended, you gain the weight back with a vengeance.

On top of that, the perception that overweight people are weak-willed and should just buck up and take control isn’t fair.

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