Discover the best natural treatment to Stop Hair Loss!

Discover the best natural treatment to Stop Hair Loss!

I have personally stopped my own hair loss with this program already 21 years ago, and since 2009 I have decided to help people from all over the world stop their hair loss naturally with the same treatment that I have used myself.

In this presentation I will introduce you to the fundamentals of how this method works, and to my discoveries in this field, so that you can understand how powerful and beneficial the Full Program can be for you and the health of your hair.

At that time, I had long hair as you can see in this photo of me in the early ‘90s, I loved it, and I had no intention to become bald myself.

When I realized that my hair loss was excessive, I bought several treatments in the form of lotions, pills and shampoos, but none of these products gave the results I expected.

I had to do something effective fast, as I thought I was still too young to go bald, and because the traditional treatments did not help me, I decided to find the solution to my problem by myself.

I started to read and study every single article, book, medical magazine, and encyclopedia looking for a possible solution to my problem.

This is actually the first real problem that your hair roots are facing, when it begins, and it is very likely the situation that you have on your scalp right now.

At some point the hair follicles, the physiological structures which produce and grow new hair, stopped receiving a sufficient flow of blood, which is absolutely necessary for hair’s survival.

As a plant which is not watered anymore dries up and dies, so the follicles enter progressively into a state of inactivity.

Hairs which have carried out their life cycle fall out, but they are not subs uted by new hairs, and bald areas in the higher part of the head start to become more and more visible.

To stay healthy and active,the hair follicle needs a continuous supply of nutritive elements and oxygen, a task which is carried out (barring complications) by the peripheral blood circulation.

Your blood distributes all the nutritive substances your hair needs such as vitamins,minerals,amino acids and proteins that we metabolize from the food we eat, or that we get through dietary supplements.

The cells that cons ute your hair roots WILL NOT stay healthy without the necessary oxygenation of the blood, which gives energy to the tissues through the natural combustion between oxygen and glucose, and helps fight infections.

Some of the main anti hair loss products sold today, like Minoxidil and Rogaine, work on the very same principle that our method works on: in order to stop baldness you have to enlarge the blood vessels in the upper part of the scalp, to allow more blood to reach the hair follicles and roots.

Everybody can see that in those areas hair remains healthy and strong and you can observe this it on your own head: pause the video, go in front of a mirror and check the condition of your hair in those zones: you will notice how strong and healthy it still is, while it has become weaker in other zones of the upper part of the head.

Generally, not even bald people will lose hair in the neck and up the ears, even when they get older as you can see from the heads of these elderly men on the right side of this video.

Yet, there is no difference between the composition and the structure of the hair in those areas and the hair of the remaining zones of the head.

What was the mysterious reason that keeps hair healthy in those areas for an entire lifetime and prevents hair loss?

I kept researching, trying to find a valid and scientific answer to this question and one day, while studying some fundamental notions of human anatomy,I read that in conditions of rest, the muscular tissues of our body have a relatively low blood flow, while during physical exercise this flow percentage raises, because of the vasodilatation in the affected muscle groups.

Exercise increases the dimensions of the capillaries, and blood circulates more easily, just in those body tissues interested by the muscular work.

So I said, wait a second – let me check the muscle activity in those areas of my scalp where hair is still healthy.

I stood up in front of a mirror and I observed those areas carefully while I was moving my mouth, and doing facial expressions, and suddenly I realized that the answer to my question and the solution had always been in front of my eyes, but I just couldn’t see it before!

These muscles stay in constant activity during the… Go to store

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