How To Do a Low Glycemic Index Diet Yourself

How To Do a Low Glycemic Index Diet Yourself

This is the Guide will Teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to about the Glycemic Index, a weight loss program developed from treating Diabetes

I know I know, you have heard it all before.  You have been through countless “wonder” diet programs, experienced some success, been amazed at the initial results and then to you horror suddenly all those hard fought lost pounds suddenly find themselves home again often with a few friends to boot.

Everyone who has ever dieted knows these frustrations and like many, you are probably wary of starting another new program.  Well don’t be concerned, instead of making wild claims, just ask yourself one simple question.

The Glycemic Index calculator was developed at the beginning of the 1980’s as a measure to help people with Diabetes control their food intake to prevent their disease from controlling them.  This same science can be used to help YOU to lose weight gradually and permanently

It may sound scientific and it is, but what WEIGHT LOSS MADE EASY –Shortest Way To Leaner You In 7 Days will do for you is provide you with an effective WEIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

FACT #1 Evidence suggests that a low-glycemic index (LGI) diet has a satiating effect and thus may enhance weight maintenance following weight loss. This study was conducted at Hammersmith Hospital, London, UK,

This is not in fact a diet, it doesn’t tell you exactly what you can and can’t eat, it’s here to provide you with an easy to understand system that will OPEN YOUR EYES to the effects of the foods that you eat.

From there, how you approach your exact diet is up to you, but you will discover A WHOLE NEW WAY of looking at the foods that are all around you just waiting to help you LOSE WEIGHT.

As you know nutritionists and weight loss programs charge a fortune for their services and give you complicated and strict meal plans and calorie counters and the list goes on.

The techniques you will learn in this book are based on sound scientifically proved nutritional facts and are not about losing a few pounds in a few weeks to fit into your wedding dress.

FACT #2 The most effective diet for weight loss and cardiovascular health is a high carbohydrate plan based on low glycemic index (GI) foods, according to a study by University of Sydney researchers.

This book will provide you with a sensible approach to weight loss that will help you gradually lose weight and KEEP IT DOWN FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE !!!

WEIGHT LOSS MADE EASY –Shortest Way To Leaner You In 7 Days IS HERE This book will answer many of the questions you have probably had while dieting such as:

Using the Glycemic Index Chart and the Glycemic Index Calculator you will learn to UNLOCK the secrets of sensible and tasty weight loss inducing eating that will leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied than you have ever been on any diet of your LIFE.

Now this all may sound very scientific and complicated but IT REALLY ISN’T what WEIGHT LOSS MADE EASY – Shortest Way To Leaner You In 7 Days does is break down the science into simple easy to follow steps to show you how to make the science of food become a part of your life.

Included in WEIGHT LOSS MADE EASY –Shortest Way To Leaner You In 7 Days is a Glycemic Index Diet Plan and Low Glycemic Index food list, Low Glycemic Index vegetables and so on…. But if you look at all that complicated sounding wording there is one common word that keeps coming up….. GLYCEMIC

GLYCEMIC Index evaluates foods according to how quickly the body converts carbohydrates into blood sugar…… Doesn’t sound so complicated now does it?  We are all familiar with carbohydrates and blood sugar, this book shows you how by knowing which foods to what you can put your food intake into balance, so that you feel HEALTHIER, MORE VIBRANT, AND MORE FULL OF ENERGY than you will have ever felt in your LIFE !!!

This is not a book that promoted rigorous exercise to succeed or adhering to some strict regimen of meals WEIGHT LOSS MADE EASY – Shortest Way To Leaner You In 7 Days

As an individual trying to lose weight, you will find out how low GI foods will lower the insulin in your blood which will help to KEEP YOUR HUNGER AT BAY AND YOU FULLER FOR LONGER… As everyone who has ever dieted knows, this solves the BIGGEST PROBLEM with dieting, being hungry all the time and wanting to snack….. WEIGHT LOSS MADE EASY – Shortest Way To Leaner You In 7 Days will SOLVE THIS FOR YOU!!!


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