The 100 Calorie Diet

The 100 Calorie Diet

Are you ready to actually SOLVE your weight problem once and for all? Get ready for a totally NEW and AMAZING approach to weight loss. The 100 Calorie Diet reveals a totally new, exciting and easy way to lose weight. No more starving, no more fat and carb counting (who wants to live without bread, rice and and potatoes anyway?), no more egg white omelets, no

more rice cakes, no more tofu!!! You are about to discover a totally NEW way of EATING that automatically solves your weight problem.

Can you IMAGINE, eat what you want and still lose weight? That’s what The 100 Calorie Diet is all about! If you just gotta have sweets, chocolate, pizza, soda and hamburgers, The 100 Calorie Diet is for you!  Or if you really want to eat healthy and learn all about the right foods to eat The 100 Calorie Diet is for YOU! It’s your choice.

On the 100 Calorie Diet you eat foods in 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 + calorie units.  The 100 Calorie Diet is NOT about eating only 100 calories at a time, it’s about eating in 100 calorie units.

Have you tried every diet out there without actual, long-term results? I’m sure you’ve been on many, many diets. Maybe you lost weight, but then you eventually quit the diet and then gained back all the weight you lost and then some. How DEVASTATING! How HEARTBREAKING! How EMBARRASSING!

Thin people can never begin to understand the pain. They don’t have our problem. The problem is that “Real” DIETS are simply too difficult to stay on for any length of time. Hey, you might eat egg white omelets for breakfast (yuck), tofu burgers for lunch (double yuck) and dry fish for dinner (triple yuck!).  But you know what! WE are real people. No NORMAL everyday person can eat like this for any length of time. The 100 Calorie Diet lets you eat WHAT you want, when you want and still lose weight. REALLY!!!

Whether you need to lose 25, 50, 100 pounds or MORE, The 100 Calorie Diet is for you! Start losing weight today, The 100 Calorie Way. The results

are simply amazing. The 100 Calorie Diet is absolutely BRAND NEW to the market and is THE weight-loss SECRET you’ve been dreaming about.  This book is NOT available in stores.  After years of research, we have finally developed a diet for the REAL person who LOVES to eat!!!

The 100 Calorie Diet includes hundreds of fat burning and zero net calorie foods that will melt your fat at an accelerated rate, even while you sleep.  Eat ALL you want of these foods, feel full

AND still lose, lose, lose that unwanted fat. We guarantee it! You can learn the SECRET diet tricks that CELEBRITIES have known for years.

The 100 Calorie Diet introduces a fresh, new approach to tracking calories in 100 calorie units and includes many NEWLY DEVELOPED weight-loss tools such as:

Who knows, YOU could be so successful on The 100 Calorie Diet that you could be our next spokesperson and be on the COVER of one of these magazines.

The 100 Calorie Diet is a totally BRAND NEW CONCEPT and unique in every way!  Diet books on the market all say the exact same exact thing, eat low fat and/or low carb.  They tell you to eat chicken without the skin, light and low fat this, light and low fat that, salads without dressing and vegetables without any fat, blah, blah, blah, LITERALLY!  Regular, normal people simply are not going to eat yucky diet foods for any length of time.  The 100 Calorie Diet stresses that all foods are good and encourages the dieter to eat normal, everyday foods.

Most diet books are usually written by doctors that were never even overweight and these “experts” really don’t understand the overweight person’s struggles.  The 100 Calorie Diet was written by two people who have battled a weight problem all their lives and they have personally experienced all the problems an overweight person could face.  They found that by watching and tracking calories 100 at a time with absolutely NO FORBIDDEN FOODS, they had found the KEY to long-term weight loss!  They were FREE at last!!!  FREE to Eat…  FREE to be Thin…  FREE to be Happy!

The 100 Calorie Diet delves into the REAL problems overweight people have.  The book doesn’t gloss over your weight-loss issues and tell you, it’s really easy, just eat less and exercise more.  The 100 Calorie Diet helps you face your overweight issues head-on to actually SOLVE your weight problem, not give you a temporary fix.  We get right to it without boring you with all kinds of useless… Go to store

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