How To Jump Higher & Increase Your Vertical Jump – Power Plyos

How To Jump Higher & Increase Your Vertical Jump - Power Plyos

In 1999 I developed the most powerful and effective vertical jump training program available by combining power techniques with plyometrics for my clients to train with. I called it Power Plyos – it has stacked 8-14 inches to my clients vertical jumps, increased their first step quickness, agility and increased their maximum speed while reducing injuries. In 2002 I released the program to the general public, so now you can see what it can do for yourself. Power Plyos uses the scientific phenomena of plyometrics to train your central nervous system to harness the stretch-shortening cycle and access the stored elastic energy in your muscles. This energy contributes to a huge percentage of your final vertical jump height. Only Power Plyos can teach you how to unlock this powerful, forgotten energy and add inches and inches of raw vertical jump height. And this means, more more power and of course a dramatic increase in your vertical jump! Have a look at some University study results of the Power Plyos plyometric principles:

You’ve probably tried many products on the market trying to develop a respectable vertical jump, haven’t you? Well I’ll let you in on a little secret: In my many years as a professional vertical jump trainer I’ve tested bulky shoes, ankle weights, repe ive workout regimes, etc – lets just say I tested them all! You and I both know that they waste your time, money and they don’t deliver any substantial results. Worst of all they can lead to injuries that put you on the side lines for months or even years at a time. They all failed the testing process because of one very important, yet very basic principle: Power = Force/Time. Now I don’t want to get all scientific, but If you really want to have an amazing vertical jump you need power. And the only way to get more power is to generate more force in less time.

"Power Plyos has changed the way I approach my basketball games. I have played against the top guards in New York as well as America. And after using Power Plyos I was able to have more confidence as a better athlete on the basketball court. I now attend the University of M achusetts after being one of the top guards in Brooklyn for the past 2 years. Hopefully as a sophomore I will be a walk on for the program. Remember hard work with addition of Power Plyos will help you realize your basketball goals." – Kenji Summers, NY, U.S.A

"My two guards… reach to the hoops. Thanks to Power Plyos, my two guards that are 5’8" and 5’10" respectively can now reach to the hoops like big guys do. The team would like to thank you for helping them achieve their greatest dreams individually and they would like to request that you place their testimony on your website so people around the world can believe in Power Plyos… Best regards" – Coach Nini Akins, Dodan Warriors Academy

"I Gained Over 10 Inches. Power Plyos is the most effective plyometric system that I have tried, and I have tried my fair share, from programs involving special shoes to programs that mimic Power Plyos with less effectiveness. I gained over 10 Inches on my vertical jump using the Power Plyos system the amazing thing is that I achieved this during a stage in my athletic development that saw me add 15 pounds to my frame so even though I was heavier Power Plyos helped me develop enough thrust to effectively move the weight higher into the air then other systems did at a lower weight. If you want to evolve from a average athlete into a great athlete give Power Plyos a try." – Jamillian Momon – Pro Slam Dunker – Pro ABA Player

What Power Plyos focuses on, and what other vertical jump programs overlook, is that there are 2 phases to the vertical leap, not just 1 single phase. That’s right. Before you jump there is a phase where you actually stretch the muscle to build up elastic energy. This is known as the loading phase and it can account for up to 50% of your final vertical leap height! Most athletes don’t know how to store elastic energy in their muscles and they don’t have the ability to use it. The athletes that do learn to harness their potential elastic energy have been tested to have extremely high vertical jumps and a huge edge over the compeition. Now you can use Power Plyos to teach yourself the exclusive art of unleashing stored elastic energy to stack inches to your vertical jump!

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