Ideal Body Blueprint – Hormones and Fat Loss for Women

Ideal Body Blueprint - Hormones and Fat Loss for Women

Aussie fitness expert reveals how any woman, of any age, can get her own head-turning beach body by controlling 3 nasty “Hormone Disturbers”

If you want to discover the secrets for working with a woman’s body to gently and safely shed unwanted pounds…

Hi, my name is Sue Heintze.  I’m the founder of Australia’s #1 online fat burning site, Ideal Bodies Online.

Since 2003, my team and I have helped thousands of men and women get slimmer… trimmer… and fitter quickly. I’ve become one of the world’s top fat-burning and fitness experts, especially in my native country of Australia.

I’m a featured author and regular contributor to magazines like Australian Oxygen Magazine, Australian Women’s Health & Fitness magazine and Shape Magazine. I’ve even been interviewed by Australian & New Zealand television programs like Today Tonight and Campbell Live.

But first, I’d like to address one of the biggest complaints I hear from women almost every day. I like to call it “fat burning overload” and millions of women worldwide are experiencing it.

You see, it’s almost impossible for women to know for sure where to begin their fat-burning efforts.

There’s a lot of ways to diet… but not all of them are healthy or sustainable — especially for the long haul.

Worst, some fad diets can quickly ruin your body’s natural metabolism… making it even harder to lose fat and keep it off for good!

Believe me, I know what it’s like to struggle with losing unwanted fat. I haven’t always had a fit and well-toned body. In fact, these photos are actually me before I discovered how to finally persuade my body to let go of the extra fat and cellulite that I didn’t want sticking around anymore.

Like millions of other people worldwide, I battled some pretty serious eating disorders.   I used to deliberately overtrain. I used to try to live on as little calories as possible, all in a futile effort to win the battle of the bulge.

It wasn’t until I discovered how to work with my body – instead of against it – that I was able to lose unwanted fat and cellulite for good.

So I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over the years and created the perfect female fat-burning program. This program can help any woman to quickly and easily lose unwanted fat.

It works regardless of someone’s age… their size… or even their current body condition or shape.

By following my program, many women are able to lose up to 5kg (over 10lb) in the first 2 weeks.  Within 3 months, many of these same women have become the proud owner of a new body that turns heads and drops jaws in public.

I’ll tell you more about the program in a moment but first I need to keep my promise to you. Remember when I promised to share a big fat-burning secret with you a few minutes ago?

You may be wondering why so many women struggle with losing and keeping unwanted fat from creeping onto their hips, thighs, belly, and .

When it comes to estrogen… we women have a lot more of it flowing through our bodies than our male counterparts.

Now that’s not completely a bad thing because estrogen is a hormone we need. It is what makes us women! Estrogen is responsible for secondary ual characteristics like the development of breasts during puberty.  It’s responsible for the natural widening of a woman’s hips to make any future child-birthing safer and easier for both mum and baby.

Estrogen even helps with the development of the female reproductive system.  These are definitely positive functions that estrogen can deliver to any woman.

Too much estrogen increases water retention… if you’ve ever suffered from bloating, then you’ll know exactly what I mean! And estrogen increases cortisol levels too.  Cortisol is a hormone linked with some pretty serious health conditions like high blood pressure and hypertension.

Cortisol is also responsible for gaining that hard to get rid of fat, especially around the midsection.

The problem is, you can’t just eliminate estrogen from your body.  It’s too important to keep a woman’s body healthy in a lot of good ways.

Several other research studies have discovered high levels of estrogen or certain types of environmental estrogen can cause your pancreas to produce even more insulin.

More insulin plus more estrogen equals even more fat being stored in any woman’s problem areas like her hips, thighs, and .

My program is designed to get your estrogen, insulin, and other natural body hormones at their normal healthy levels.

If your estrogen levels are where they… Go to store

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