Unique Boot camp Workouts

Unique Boot camp Workouts

Who Else Wants An Endless Supply of Workouts That Burst With Energy, Excitement And Endless Variety?

My name’s Leon Melnicenko, and I’m a fitness expert who used to say yes to every single question I just asked you.

Give me just a few minutes of your time to read this entire page right now, and you’ll see how what I’m about to show you is completely different from anyone or anything else you’ve EVER seen, because I’m going to show you how:

You’ve found something true and genuine, that’s going to add REAL value to your fitness business -and I’m about to prove that to you.

I know because I was a bootcamp instructor who was barely hanging on, who spent more time developing programs and creating workouts for my clients than I actually did training them.

When I first started training groups, I spent all of my time developing the programs rather than running them.

Now, years later, I’ve perfected them into a time-tested, proven, automated method for generating an endless supply of clients through word of mouth –and I NEVER spend more than 15 minutes a week planning the programs for my clients!

My hard work had paid off, and now for a limited time, I’m going to let you cash in on hundreds of hours of hard work and sweat, developing and testing the programs that have made me so successful.

Sick of losing clients through the winter? These games are not only fun and exciting but they are proven to keep your clients up to 76% longer than normal giving you a m ive boost in your income. (value: $49)

These are great for building friendships, especially important when new prospects come for their very first session,  fitting in straight away will increasing the chance of the the prospect signing up to your bootcamp dramatically. (value: $55)

Brilliant for building your fitness community very quickly, forging friendships and getting your clients working together as a team. This is the secret that will build your bootcamp and boost your profits in record time. (value: $49)

You’ll no longer have to worry about getting your clients Killer results. When mixed with finisher drills, these always produce mind blowing results. Team Circuits are fun, exciting and guareteed to super charge your workouts. (value: $39)

If you want to get your clients the results they came for and super fast, then use these fat burning metabolic finisher drills. Also great for building client testimonials very quickly. (value$29)

These always create a m ive sense of achievement when complete and add something totally different in to the mix. Keeping thing interesting a fresh means your clients wont leave ‘YOU’ for competeing camps and low cost gyms. (value: $19)

If you can show your clients they’re improving all the time, they’ll never have a reason to leave your bootcamp. This is how highly successful and profitable bootcamp owners thrive in ‘freezing cold winters‘ when everybody else seems to be sinking. (value: $19)

Using fun and challenging games like this instantly separates you from the compe ion, just think about it, who else is known in your area for delivering fun and action packed workouts, first time, everytime.Exactly – Knowbody! (value: $19)

These are simple challenges that can be played just for fun or for points. They are another great way for new members to get to know the group, meaning  you’ll get far more sign ups to your bootcamp programme. (value: $19)

Tried and tested workout combinations to get you going. These are the smae workouts that took me from 6 members to over 90 in just 3 short months, just through word of mouth alone. Would you like that? (value: Priceless)

Every time I release an upgraded version of UBW 2.0, which is at least once a year, more like two. You’ll not only get the upgraded version, but you’ll get all the new bonues that come with it. (life time value: $1000’s)

Before I tell you how much, I want to make sure you understand EVERYTHING that you’re going to get!

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You Can Easily Design Your Own ‘Amazing’ Workouts In Seconds – Watch How Easy It Is

“Hitting up the team games and team challenges do ents is one of my favourite things about Unique Bootcamp Workouts. I can easily pick and choose a drill to add to my workout. My clients love the games and the challenges and it makes running the sessions a lot more fun for me.”

“”One of the advantages of Leons new manual is that it’s obvious that he put a lot… Go to store

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