7DayFitness-5-47-split – 7 Day Fitness

7DayFitness-5-47-split - 7 Day Fitness

My friends call me the Get Fit With P ion Guy! And after exiting the military I currently instruct one of the largest weight loss camps in Texas, ranging over 100 people per night.

And I also have one the largest fitness youtube channels that has been seen by more than 1,794,034 people in the last 90 days.

But before I tell you why… I want you to know that I am a family man first!  And the little fella you see hanging on my neck is my son David, my little Superman… and he opened my eyes to something that is going to shock you but will make you feel a whole lot better about your body and your health… So stick with me…

So I want to jump head first into your unique dissatisfaction about your body and your weight loss struggles.

And my first promise is this… After you learn all the ground breaking research contained in this article, you will have the easiest and most accurate solution to resolve ALL your weight loss and body dislike issues permanently!!

One thing that I know that you want more than weight loss, more than toning, leaning or sculpting your body..

And shortly, you are going to see some unbelievable transformations of men and women in their 30?s, 40?s, 50?s and even 60?s, using 7 Minute sequence workouts to look lean and feel the energy synonymous 20 yr old!

All inspired from a tragic event of my 8-yr old son,(which I will share with you shortly), that taught me a very important life lesson when working with people who has pain and frustrations about their body.

But this event changed my entire training style and my life, which resulted in 10,000 middle aged men and women, to get in the best shape of their lives!!

Because you haven’t found the right workout, gym, trainer or fitness program, that fits within your busy schedule, doesn’t kill your joints, and even addresses your major problem areas.

A Thyroid Condition Bad Genetics A Body That Gains Weight Easily… Sensitive Joints Children  (Gotta love them!) A Super Busy Schedule Big Bones! Food And Sugar Addictions Problems staying motivated A History Of Obesity

Honestly, after working 8 to 15 hours a day, putting up with dumdum co-workers, preparing dinner and putting the munchkins to bed..

A nice steamy hot shower, along with a gl of your best evening wine or can of ice cold beer, sounds much better than going to a crowded gym every evening, where people leave their disgusting sweat on the workout machines!!

Look, I am the only trainer in the world ( y statement but you will see why this is true in a moment)… who genuinely teaches his superstars the exact blueprint to experience and Feel these 3 emotions..

2. Playing for hours with your beautiful little munchkins without going into a coma and losing your breath.

3. And selfishly showcasing your new exotic body on your next vacation while happily wiggling your toes in the sand on the beaches around the world!

You deserve this!!!! And I am going to show you simply how to get this done, in 7 minute short sessions..

You might not believe my next statement, and it may cause your forehead to wrinkle up bit.. But some days even I don’t feel motivated to do pushups, jumping jacks or running on some boring mind numbing treadmill..

Hey let me keep it real!! I am a father, almost 40, I work a full time job(12hrs day), I have church commitments, I donate my time to several charities during the week and on top of that, I instruct one of the largest bootcamps in Houston TX!!!! So during the week there’s no way I can commit hours and hours at a gym facility, I need something quick, fast and to the point!

So after 10 years of research and trying over 1,000 different workout routines around the globe, I finally keened in on a blueprint which simultaneously triggers fat loss, activates abdominal inch reduction and enhances muscle definition  in every area of your body in 7 minute sessions, without the dangers of killing your joints, knees or stressing your back.. Go to store

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