- Vertical Jump Science Training Program

- Vertical Jump Science Training Program

Vertical Jump Science is by far one of the best vertical jump programs available. Not only do you learn the secret to doubling your vertical jump in the matter of 8 weeks or less, but you’ll also see substantial improvement in your speed along with your overall athletic explosiveness. – Jump Higher, Run Faster, Be Explosive

This step by step training manual will help you enhance your vertical jump in just 8-weeks or less. You don’t need to be an athletic gladiator to comprehend and perform these techniques. By following our step by step training methods, you’ll be able to run faster and jump much higher before you know it. After you have learned the science behind improving your vertical jump, you’ll be able to implement this knowledge in the gym or on the field with AMAZING results. Here’s the story, improving your vertical jump isn’t just about improving your leg strength. It’s about proper fundamentals and technique. Prior to being introduced to this vertical jump program, you’ve probably burnt your legs out from leg exercise yet still fell short from your goals. This has to do with the way you go about performing each exercise that makes the greatest difference. This eBook defines the proper techniques and fundamentals required to get the absolute best vertical jump results during your work outs. As a result, you will not only see an enhance vertical jump, but also in your speed and explosiveness. But wait, there is more, we don’t just care about your improved vertical jump and athletic ability, we also care about your safety. What’s the use of sharing this information with you if you can’t benefit from it due to improper techniques resulting in injury? We’ve created a list of safety tips and procedures to keep you healthy, enabling you to reach your goals on time. How cool is that? Quick question – how many of you reading this can raise your hands, joining the millions of other jump hopefuls in admitting to doing hundreds and even thousands of calve raises daily with hopes of substantially increasing your vertical jump? I’m sure most of you can. The fact is your calf muscles only equate to 15% of the necessary muscle needed to jump higher. So much for being the next slam dunk champion? Not quite. Our program fills in the other 85% of the jump equation and uncovers the training techniques that create muscle strength and increase your vertical jump. What’s more, we uncover parts of the body you may have never expected to play a key role in increasing your vertical. If you’re serious about enhancing your vertical jump, you definitely need these techniques and don’t forget about the added bonus of speed and explosiveness. Check this out. In addition to learning the science behind improving your vertical jump, fundamentals for results, safety tips, and training plans for maximum results, you’ll also receive an in depth ysis of what nutrition habits help best in providing a great work out and fast recovery. No more dragging your feet in the gym or on the field, depleted of energy for a good workout and no need for extra days off after an extensive workout due to fatigue and soreness. Our nutrition guide will give you the boost you need to start your training as well as the kick you need after for a fast recovery.

Vertical Jump Science is a training program developed to help you take your game to the next level rather it be basketball, football, baseball, track & field, etc. You’re going to need a substantial vertical jump, speed and explosiveness, this program uncovers how to attain it. This eBook is full of substance in regards to information. We don’t add a bunch of fluff – extending the text unnecessarily. We explain the science then jump right into the action plan to get you to your goal faster. No nonsense. Get the information you need quickly and concise and then go out and implement what you’ve learned. It’s that simple!

No need to wait, get started immediately – for your convenience we’ve included a quick start guide that tells you all you need to know along with simple to use workout charts that will enable you to get started right away and reach your goal faster. Video Presentation– see how to do the exercises that are most essential to your success in a thorough summary of the entire program. Nutritional Guide – see what kind of diet and supplements are best for a dynamic workout and a quick recovery. No more effortless workouts and sore joints. Email Certificate– still have questions? When you purchase this program, as a bonus you receive… Go to store

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