Figure Competition Secrets

Figure Compe ion Secrets

It tailored my diet, cardio and training specifically to my goals. I started to see results within the first 3 weeks.

I was so thrilled with the progress I was making. In a matter of months I literally saw myself transform. I am very happy and I feel and look better than I ever have.

From the desk of: Karen Sessions – Figure Coach, NSCA-CPT Author of: Figure Compe ion Secrets

Who Am I? I’m the Figure Coach that’s going to transform you and put you on stage to enter and WIN your first figure compe ion.

I spent years competing consecutively, dabbling with many forms of contest dieting to unlock the code to getting that Perfect Compe ion Body with Full Muscle Bellies and Fine Muscle Detail. I read, researched, used trial-and-error, used myself as a guinea pig…You name it, I gave it an honest whirl.

Guess what, I was able to SUCCESSFULLY decode the body fat problem to create the perfect figure prep system to keep the muscle while the fat melts off. I have all the data to back it up. I jam-packed all that information into an easy-to-read eBook, Figure Compe ion Secrets, guaranteed to bring you the same great results for your compe ion.

Jackie T. literally STOLE the show, sweeping up awards and taking home first place in her very first figure contest.

It really doesn’t matter if you are 20, a newbie, or 40 years old. ALL you need is a desire, dedication, and the BEST-SELLING Figure Preparation Program around, Figure Compe ion Secrets.

What You Need To Know About Figure Dieting: Cutting calories to 1200 or less Right Out The Gate will DESTROY your metabolism. Sliced calories will cause your fat loss to stop dead in its tracks. You will start losing lean muscle and begin gaining terrible water weight and more body fat. This is why you lose weight on the scale, but your body doesn’t take shape.

YOUR SOLUTION: The EASY Fix to this problem is simply to eat enough calories to support your BMR. When you implement the Proper Figure Diet that meets your caloric and macro nutrient requirements, your muscles get nourished and your body fat will literally start melting off your body. The bottom line is, if you want to lose fat, you have to eat to feed and fuel your body. The TRICK is knowing the proper number of calories, protein, fat and carbs YOU need to do that.

What You Need To Know About Figure Cardio: Killing the cardio can do more harm than good. More often then not the eager compe or starts her figure prep off with 6 days of cardio for 45-60 minutes. Within weeks her body adapts and burn out follows. In addition, when your body adapts to 45-60 minutes of cardio you don’t have anything to fall back on.

The figure compe or loses weight in the form of lean muscle tissue and the body fat is still hanging on giving the skinny-fat appearance. The athlete grows weak and fatigured in a matter of weeks. To amp things up she adds MORE cardio and cuts calories even more. The results is a skinny and weak body with loose skin and a sickly appearance.

I’ve seen too many figure compe ors make costly mistakes in their prep. That’s what I wrote this step-by-step guide that takes you by the hand and walks you through the 12 week figure prep process.

I’m not suggesting low cals and more than average cardio doesn’t work… What I’m presenting to you is the EXACT program of how to find your calories and macros to formulate a diet, as well as DETAILED information on cardio AND training so your can Start Your Plan of Action NOW and have a figure ready body in just 12 weeks.

That’s What I Said… If you implement the system that’s laid out in Figure Compe ion Secrets you can lose fat, build muscle, and step on stage in just months.

What You Need To Know About Figure Posing: Just prepping for the show won’t get you the win. You need to learn how to pose. When the head judge calls for a quarter turn, you need to turn in the right direction and make a smooth transition. Don’t be the stage turning left when the rest of the line-up is turning right.

YOUR SOLUTION: Good figure posing is art at its finest. Anyone can master good posing when the learn the basics. From the basics you build up,PERFECTING each pose with ever-so-slight tweaks to ENHANCE your physique. The smallest little twist can make you go from just "ok" to "Da Bomb".

In fact, I can show you how to build each pose… Go to store

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