Bones to Buff – Your First 10lbs of Head Turning Muscle in 5 Weeks

Bones to Buff - Your First 10lbs of Head Turning Muscle in 5 Weeks

In The Article That Follows You Have The Chance To Learn About The 5 NEW Principles Of Muscle Building Specifically For People Who Have A Hard Time Gaining Muscle And Weight

From The Desk Of Joey Vaillancourt: "In the article below, I would like to share with you some very imporant advice about building muscle that was designed to work BETTER for naturally ‘Skin And Bone’ type of guys.

But the good news is I have 5 New Training Principles I want to share with you today, that I can guarantee will help get you on track after only taking two minutes to readh this article.

Article Written By: Joey Vaillancourt, NSCA-CPT —————————————————————————

Today I wanted to try and explain exactly what it takes to build muscle without going into too complicated of details and the reason’s why most conventional workouts will not work.

I find that there are so many people and authors out there today that over complicate this topic to simply lure you into buying their latest program or their newest supplement.

Now of course, I have my own muscle building program and I would recommend some supplements to you as well but I am not saying that it is wrong.

Today I simply want to give you good information that will hopefully clear up any confusion about what it takes to build muscle as a naturally skinny guy.

I am going to keep this nice and simple and base it on personal experience as well as theory because in the end I believe reviewing both are the best way to measure any kind of results.

You cannot simply rely on ?studies? or ?university tests? as most of these tests are either biased or they are based on genetically gifted individuals.

The Foundation Of The Bones To Buff Muscle Gain System Relies On 5 Powerful Key Pricinples Specific To Hardgainers

Not enough changes in program variation is bad and too many changes in program variation is worse! The Bones To Buff system is just right.

The 5 week workout cycle provides weekly program variations but also provides consistency to track and measure your progress. You get the best of both sides of the coin!

And the best part is that by training using this cycle, you completely avoid the dreaded adaption response aka plateaus

The 5 week cycle plan includes 3 speficic mini phases of training that each trigger a different metabolic demand.

The three phases involve training that will tap into the Oxidative, Glycolytic and Phosphagen systems to produce the energy output required in your workouts.

Week 2 -The Oxidative System: Used primarily when the body is lifting lighter weights for longer periods of time. Week 3 – The Glycolysis System: Used primarily when the body is lifting moderate weights for a shorter period of time (1-2 minute sets).

Week 4 – The Phosphagen System: Used primarily for heavier lifting sessions when sets are lasting from 1 to 30 seconds

By training using all three energy producing systems, you have 3x more growth potential. Your muscles wont know what hit them!

Well we will be taking advantage of how our bodies produce energy and we will train in a specific way to target each system to provide new training stresses and to ensure we fulfill the ?All Or None? principle

The Anabolic Growth Triggers is a new concept created using old school training tricks with modifications specific for ‘Skin and Bone’ type of guys.

An AGT is sort of like the insurance policy for muscle gain. It’s the process of including a weekly unique training method that your muscles have not been yet been accustomed to.

As a hardgainer, your strength is unfortunately your biggest weakness. Conventional methods of strength development don?t work for you like it does for naturally muscular guys.

The 5 Week Anabolic Growth Trigger Workout cycles in Bones To Buff will give you a workaround solution to get stronger by incorporating ‘Forced Production Overload’ methods.

Week 1 -The Priming Phase: At the start of every 5 week cycle, you will do "The Test Week" training and determine your baseline lifting potential.

Weeks 2, 3, 4 – You will expose your body to training stresses that demands your muscles to get bigger and stronger using the princples mentioned above.

Week 5 – Forced Production Overloading: Finally, in the 5th week, you will test yourself again against your week 1 personal best lifts only this time using the Forced Production Overload technique.

Best Part: This Muscle Building and Weight Gain System Works Especially Well for Skinny Guys and Doesn’t Require You To Live In the Gym, Juice Up On Steroids or Spend Your Money on Overpriced Supplements

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