Toni Hairdressing Courses® – 100s of Hairdressing Videos – Complete Hairdressing Training Professional Hairstyling

Toni Hairdressing Courses® - 100s of Hairdressing Videos - Complete Hairdressing Training Professional Hairstyling

If you’re ready to discover the secret techniques to dressing and styling hair, no matter if you’re a beginner or a professional and without paying expensive prices for personalized tutoring, then I’ve got just what you need.

Hi, I’m Toni Moretti, a top hairstylist to celebrities worldwide with over 25 years in the industry. I’m an essor in City and Guilds and have run N.V.Q. levels 1, 2 and 3 hairdressing courses in salons for many years. I’ve also worked at Paul Mitchell School as their Artistic Director for 5 years.

? Possibly the best hairdressing training course we’ve ever seen. At the price they’re offering, you’ll be crazy to p this up. ?

?Step-by-step, easy to follow guides of the basics and the more advanced hairdressing techniques… very inspirational ?

You may have already seen my cutting edge hairstyle techniques featured in print or TV. What’s even better is you’re about to discover my unique approach to hairstyling that took me from to elite stylist – fast.

You’re either a newbie working your tail off styling any or everybody’s hair to get an edge over everyone else in your styling or barbering course Or, you’re already a hairdresser looking to improve your skills and make a name for yourself in the industry. To be more specific, you probably fall into one of these categories:

You’re already a hairdresser but have become frustrated with the slow process your instructors are teaching you and need reference materials to get ahead…

You’ve always wanted to learn how to style your own hair easily and quickly without visiting the salon everytime.

You have dreams of owning your own salon and want to learn how to design the latest trends with ease

?And, if any of these situations apply to you, then this video course is what you are looking for.

You see, following the guidelines I lay out in the videos will make you a hairdressing professional – in no-time, allowing you to achieve your artistic dreams, while working almost anywhere in the world.

In this course I take my experience as a product innovator and salon educator to a new level by teaching you how to get a top paying career in hair design as soon as? Today!

Includes men’s barbering and women’s hairdressing styles which is suitable for s or experts.

Ideal for those who want to improve their skills or who want to start up their own hairdressing business

Throughout this hairdressing course, you’ll be exposed to some of my most closely-guarded hairstyling trade secrets – secrets which you can use to unleash your creative nature and discover how to LITERALLY master any hairstyle, just by watching the videos and applying a little practice. It’s really that simple. So, whether you choose to work as a hair designer behind a chair, in the salon; own your own salon or spa business; or opt for the excitement of a career in fashion, feature film, TV, or product education, Hairdressing Mastercourse will help you reach your artistic, technical, and lifestyle goals. But thats not all…

Learn how to cut women and men’s hair and create glamorous styles easily in 2 hours or less with high impact simple to use techniques, looks and makeovers.

Suitable for the beginners, the first timers as well as the experienced professionals with a unique "Fast Track" cross checking learning system.

Complete 4 volumes covering graduations, inversions, layering, coloring, highlighting, cropping, transients, perming, cutting, long styles, gents cuts and lots more!

Professional hairstyling tutorials – Covers everything you need to know from cuts, colors and equipment.

Quite frankly, this program is just like having a top hair designer coming to your home to train you all their tricks of the trade. And, when you’ve completed the video tutorial, you’ll be sure to cut and style like the pros!

As you already know, these hairdressing and colouring techniques are unique of its kind. I will fully explain and demostrate how to exercise each step and if you feel you have missed an important part of the haircut, you can simply stop and replay back and forth until you master the techniques

It is the nearest you will get to one-on-one hairdressing training! By learning hairstyling on videos, it’s like having a FREE tutor at home for life!

Most importantly, the entire program is easy to follow too. From the very first video you watch, I will systematically work you through a series of haircuts that progress you, using each haircut as a building block to progress onto the next haircut. You’ll even be shown techniques on various models and hair types. So, working on different hair types will ensure you’re competent to work your magic on anyone’s hair, which is a challenge for most hair care professionals… Go to store

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