Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Complete Program: Bodyweight Workouts That Deliver

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Complete Program: Bodyweight Workouts That Deliver

Ryan and Adam specialize in bodyweight exercises that 99.9% of other trainers have never even heard of… their clients fly them all over North America, Europe and Asia because their stuff burns fat and builds muscle so fast. Ryan and Adam are their secret weapons in the fight against fat and aging!

They’ve agreed to unlock their exercise vault and share these powerful exercises with the world so that YOU can lose belly fat and sculpt the body of your dreams at home with NO Equipment – Guaranteed.

The frantic pace of modern life means that finding time to exercise is always a problem. How many times have you fought traffic to get to a crowded gym, only to loaf around waiting for equipment? Michel Bedard was in this situation when he found Adam Steer. Now he trains entirely at home or during lunch hour at his office. This cuts hours out of his demanding schedule — and THAT means more time with his family.

Training at home is the perfect solution for the time-compressed. But if that were true, why aren’t more people doing it? Most people start with the idea of setting up a nice little home gym, but they’re discouraged by bulky, expensive equipment. And so they become slaves to a health club because they think there’s no other way…

Adam and Ryan despise the status quo. Their experience taught them that the world’s most successful people demand innovative solutions. And the secret is you’ve been carrying around everything you ever needed to get in shape every day of your life. No, it isn’t your wallet. Your bodyweight and a little specialized knowledge are enough to ensure incredible results and a lifetime of peak fitness.

Bodyweight training can be as tough or as gentle as you want it to be. If that’s the case, then why aren’t more people doing it? Probably lack of variation. Conventional bodyweight programs are dull! You can only do so many push-ups, sit-ups and jumping jacks before boredom drives you away. Adam and Ryan understand this. And they jumping jacks too. That’s why they filled Bodyweight Exercise Revolution with the most innovative movements you’ve ever imagined.

In this highly anticipated release, Ryan and Adam reveal the exact methods they’ve used to help clients reach their goals using the most innovative bodyweight exercise program ever created.

Based on the Circular Strength Training® (CST) system, Bodyweight Exercise Revolution applies cutting-edge research in biotensegrity – the frontier of anatomical studies – and the latest developments in sports science to make you healthier, fitter, happier and more beautiful than you’ve ever been before.

The level of detail is astounding, and the sheer amount of information is jawdropping. And as a bonus, the layout of the ebook is very aesthetic. Kudos to you Keith!

This is one of the best materials out there on bodyweight training period. And for an articulation of the 4×7 process? The step by step nature of this book will take a beginner from the first day to an advanced level without delay!

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Vik Hothi, UK Heavyweight MMA Stickfighting Champion, Founder of IMAS (Integrated Martial Art Systems)

The greatest problem with most exercise programs is an inability to balance work and rest. That is the single biggest reason clients fail to achieve their goals. Most coaches either have you training too hard or too often, burning you out in the process, or they have you training too light to get a proper training effect.

The formula laid out in Bodyweight Exercise Revolution ensures that you can work optimally on your High Intensity days in order to reap the maximum training effect in each cycle throughout the program. Over the course of seven cycles of four days, the programs in BER push back your fitness threshold in ways you would not have believed possible if you hadn’t experienced it for yourself. It’s simply astonishing just how much… Go to store

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