Overcome Aging And Shrink Wrinkles With Face Yoga Exercises

Overcome Aging And Shrink Wrinkles With Face Yoga Exercises

Facelift Without Surgery is a true DIY face exercise program that women and men all over the world are buzzing about! It’s the face aerobics toning system that employs simple facelift exercises to remove wrinkles and tighten wrinkly, sagging skin.

To enable you to see just how user-friendly this facial yoga exercise program is, we have extracted some pages of just ONE of the acupressure points as a sample. This will enable you to peek inside Wendy’s facial toning system so that you may acknolwledge just how easy the acupressure points are to find, and how simple it is to follow the written directions and relate them to the corresponding photographs.

Q: Does the m aging of acupressure energy points really work? A: Yes. The logic is that it brings blood flow to the underlying muscles, tissue, and skin. It opens the energy channels in the face, head, and neck. In fact, it’s beneficial to the harmony of the entire body. Q: How fast do you see results from these face gymnastics workouts? A: Immediately. Even later the same day of starting the program. After a week of daily m aging of at least one minute on each point, you and other people should notice a softening of wrinkles and the tightening of loose skin. You will also see renewed color returning to your face. Q: How often must I perform the regimens in Wendy’s face exercise program? A: Every day for the first 30 days, 2-3 times a week thereafter for maintenance. Q: Are the effects of these facelift exercises permanent? A: Yes. Much like exercise, you need to perform the routines regularly to maintain the benefits. A few minutes per week of upkeep, or whenever you feel it’s necessary after the first 30 days. Q: Will I get the best results after the first 30 days? A: Generally, yes. Again, it depends on the dedication of the individual. Once you feel that you have obtained the desired effect, start decreasing it to a maintenance level of a few times a week if you’re short on time. You may still perform the acupressure exercises daily if you so wish, but we also suggest giving it a rest once in a while to allow the tissue to settle. Q: Does this face toning system eliminate sun damage and liver spots? A: No, but it can fade them to some degree. If you start the program as early as you can in life, it’s likely that it will minimize the chances of them forming on your face or neck in the first place. Q: Can it help people in their latter years? A: Definitely. However, the sooner you start the better. You might have to perform the facial toning system more often, but the end result will be well worth it. Q: Is this facelift exercise program suitable for men? A: Men, women, s – all will benefit, young and old. The pressure points are always in the same location. Q: Will the face yoga workouts lessen acne scars? A: To some extent they will work, but remember scars are scars. The underlying tissue will fill out thereby reducing the depth of the acne scars to some extent, and therefore making them less prominent. Q: How easy is it to locate the pressure points? A: Each of the nodal points are clearly demonstrated in the black and white photos of Facelift Without Surgery. Each point has a narration which describes its location, motion required, and benefits. You may see a sample under the "EXAMPLE FROM BOOK" page on this web page to understand how the points are presented. After once or twice, you will be able to find them with your eyes closed! It will become second nature to you. You can easily do the m age routines relaxing in front of the television, if you wish. Q: How early in life may I start this facial toning system? A: The earlier, the better. The proverb "prevention is better than cure" sums it up perfectly! Q: If I’ve had cosmetic surgery in the past, will the non-invasive facelift program benefit me? A: Yes, but it may take a bit longer to see an improvement because the scarring and tiny incisions might hamper the energy flow to your face, neck, and head. Q: Does this yoga facial exercise program involve the pulling or stretching of skin, or making crazy expressions? A: No. Facelift Without Surgery is a facial toning system, not an isometrics system. Wendy Wilken’s program uses principles of acupressure, m age, and face muscle toning – done with the fingertips.

We are so sure that you will look years younger using Wendy Wilken’s face gymnastics program, that we are offering you an unconditional 100% Satisfaction, 60-Day money-back guarantee. If you are… Go to store

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