Abs Workout for Men and Woman – Ultimate Abs Challenge

Abs Workout for Men and Woman - Ultimate Abs Challenge

During my long career as a personal trainer and fitness model, the single question I get most from people is what did I do to get such well defined abs, and what they can do to achieve the same.

Since so many people were asking me this question, I decided to spill the beans in this short article.

So if you’re looking to get the kind of washboard abs that fitness models have, in the fastest way possible, then you’ll want to read this article to the very end.

Let me give you a little background about myself, so that you know I’m not one of those scammers in the health and fitness business.

I’ve also been featured in popular blogs such as Bodybuilding.com, a popular blog which I was requested to write for them and share my knowledge, Cutandjacked.com, Monsterstatus.com, and Fitness Magazines such as Fit and Firm Magazine, World Physique Magazine, Muscle Insider Magazine, and more.

I’m also a personal fitness trainer who has helped clients get into the best shape of their lives

4 of my clients have even gone on to compete in bodybuilding compe ions and been ranked top 4 in the compe ion.

So trust me when I say that there are many abs training and ab workout programs or weight loss programs out there that are simply scams.

There are many programs out there that claim there’s this magical way to getting abs by eating "special foods" that burn belly fat, or by doing some “special exercise” that burns fat in just a few days.

Although you do need to put in effort to get abs, you CAN dramatically reduce that effort required and get abs faster, if you know the right way to do it.

It’s just like when you’re learning something new. You can learn it on your own but take longer, or have a tutor guide you with the right knowledge so you learn faster and easier.

And, if you want to get "Fitness model" abs, you need to stick to a more advanced abs workout routine to make your abs extremely defined.

Now, in case you’re wondering, I definitely didn’t get my abs by having good genes or a "naturally more athletic body."

Here’s why you DO NOT need to be a bodybuilder or fitness expert or have “good genes” to get amazing abs

Take a look at the picture on the right. ——> That was how my abs looked like not so long ago.

The fact is that I’m not a special person with a special body. I’m just a regular person like you.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been frustrated for years, longing to have those flat, well-defined abs that all the girls love.

I remember how I used to going to the beach. All the guys with amazing abs would take off their shirt and they would get all the girls’ attention.

Whenever I went out, I would try to " in" my belly by breathing in slightly and holding my breath, so that I looked like I had a flat belly.

I mean, who doesn’t want to take off their shirt and get all the attention, never have to their stomach in when they go out, and just generally feel amazing all the time?

So I read tons of books to find out the science of how our bodies lose fat and gain muscle, I also studied exercise routines and researched about nutrition from the best fitness experts in the world.

If you’ve tried any other program but haven’t gotten results from it, you probably understand what I’m talking about.

These programs talk about how easy it is to get abs, about how you just have to eat a few “super foods” that burn belly fat.

"The results that my real-life clients achieve in 6 WEEKS serve as absolute proof that the program works"

I’ve literally had girls stare at me at the beach (like completely fixated on me and whispering to their friends)! Girls who I don’t know approach me at the bar, and even walk up to me to give me their phone number.

Seeing my life change so dramatically, I decided to become a personal trainer to help others look better and live a better life.

As a personal trainer, I was limited by my time, and I couldn’t get more clients even if I wanted to.

You see, I wanted to help as many people as possible get washboard abs and feel amazing about themselves, but I could only be at one place at one time.

I needed to create a solution that could take my physical self out of the… Go to store

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