Learn how to do an at Home TCA Chemical Peel for as Little as $5.00 Per Peel – Safely and Effectively do your own TCA Peels at home..

Learn how to do an at Home TCA Chemical Peel for as Little as $5.00 Per Peel - Safely and Effectively do your own TCA Peels at home..

As an experienced at home TCA chemical Peeler I want to show you how you too can safely and effectively perform your own  medium to deep chemical peels at home on yourself for as little as $5.00 per peel.

My name is Jen Parker, I am a single mother of 5. A few years ago I was frustrated with the acne scars and brown spots, as well as the fine lines that just seemed to be getting deeper and deeper on my face, so I went to see the doctor to find out what solutions were available.

When I arrived at his office I was greeted by the beautiful receptionist. The first thing I noticed about her was her flawless skin. I thought “why can’t I just have flawless skin and a gorgeous glowing complexion like that?”

After signing in it did not take me long to be called back to see the nurse for my free consultation.The nurse explained to me that the best thing I could do for my complexion was to do a series of medium to deep chemical peels to remove acne scars and brown spots and reduce the appearance of the fine lines that were appearing on my forehead.

She went on to explain how the entire procedure was performed and what to expect the week after the TCA would be applied as well as how to care for my skin as it dried out and peeled.

But the thing that really sold me on the idea of doing a series of TCA Peels was when she asked me “did you see that girl at the front desk?”

When I confirmed that I had she went on to say “she used to have pretty bad acne scars but she has done 9 TCA peels now and her acne scars are gone. She has completely resurfaced her skin.”

I was amazed at the power of skin resurfacing and was ready to schedule a series of peels to resurface my skin, but then…

Then the nurse named the price, it would cost me $190.00 per peel and she recommended a series of 9.

I was aghast, I am a single mother trying to support 5 children, there was no way I could afford that. I left the doctors office disappointed but determined to find a way to do it myself…

and so I began my quest to becoming an experienced peeler. It was frustrating and difficult at first to find the TCA in a strength that was strong enough to resurface the skin effectively, and down right scary the first time that I actually put the chemical on my face, but I found what I needed, and I will reveal all my sources as well as full instructions with photos and everything you need to do your own TCA Chemical peeling at home for just $5.00 per peel…

Yes, it really is that cheap and super easy. It was scary the first few times to put a strong chemical on my face, and the people at work thought I was crazy every time I would come to work with my face all brown and leathery, though I was able to hide it quite well with the right cover-up.

They thought I was crazy that is, until the brown leathery skin peeled off and revealed the new, gorgeous, radiant skin underneath…

Then they didn’t think I was so crazy, and over time as I did more and more peels more and more people started to notice and comment on how much my complexion had improved, then they began to ask where I got my TCA and how to do a peel for themselves.

That is when I put together my ebook:  TCA Peel Instructions; How to do an at Home Chemical Peel Safely and Effectively for as Little as $5.00 Per Peel…

Yep, for less than dinner and a movie I reveal everything you need to do get started and how to safely and effectively do your own skin resurfacing for strong peeling…

I tell you where to get the chemical that is the exact same chemical your doctor would use for a medium to deep chemical peel at a fraction of the price, in fact only $5.00 measly bucks per peel.

This is a comprehensive, step by step guide I take you through the process of one of my strongest peels. You will get photos, how to’s, and everything that you need to have and do to peel safely at home…

But I have to warn you, this is the introductory price, and the price will soon be going up to $37 so grab it now at this incredibly low introductory rate

Look, I’ll be straight… Go to store

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