Create the most effective programs for fat loss and muscle gain

Create the most effective programs for fat loss and muscle gain

Now is your chance to take back the power to determine fact from fiction by reading, understanding, an applying cutting edge research

I don’t know about you, but I am fed up with the state of the fitness industry. With every internet marketer creating a gimmick to sell their next product, misinterpretations of research by so-called-experts and the media, and made up rules that seem to govern every nutrition and exercise plan, I just can’t take it any more.

If you are like me, you’re looking for some clarity in the confusing world of fitness and the only way to find it is to go straight to the original research and find out for yourself. That is where this product comes in. The goal of this product is to allow you to stop being spoonfed by the media and the gurus that populate this industry and think for yourself. I want you to finally be able to cut through the complexity of original reseach to get at the REAL FACTS.

No longer will you be sold products based on pseudoscientific explanations that are complete nonsense. No longer will you be confined to the strict rules that seem to define most fitness and nutrition plans because you’ll have insider information that allows you to break free from many of the rules that are absolutely FALSE.

Just look at what some of the brightest minds in the industry have to say about How To Read Fitness Research

Mark’s lecture series is great review for guys like me, and essential study for folks who are less experienced or familiar with the concepts. I’m very impressed with how he presented complex topics in an unintimidating & engaging way.

The information is solid & thorough, without losing the critical principles among the details. It’s very practical, and in the end, that’s what’s most important for the non-lab-bound folks. I don’t give a thumbs-up to just anything, and I’d recommend this product without hesitation to those seeking a well-rounded course on the basics of critically evaluating fitness research.

How valuable and time-saving would it be if you could: 1) fact-check any article, adverti t or news story for accuracy all by yourself, 2) instantly recognize a diet or supplement scam, 3) look like a genius in any debate or discussion about fitness myths, 4) cut right through internet information overload with your razor-sharp critical thinking skills?   Mark’s fitness research program does all that for you. Just watch his videos or listen to the MP3’s.

The truth is, the demand for evidence-based techniques and approaches in designing safe and effective training and nutrition programs continues to grow, and anyone that doesn’t have the skills and abilities to read and interpret the evidence is going to find it increasingly difficult to compete in the constantly developing environment of exercise science. I wouldn’t just recommend “How to Read Fitness Research” to anyone in the health & fitness community, I would make it mandatory!

If you fall into this category, Mark Young’s “How to Read Fitness Research” is a must-have product. Mark has done a terrific job in explaining the various aspects of a research paper as well as providing insight into its limitations. The package is presented in a very user-friendly manner that is easily understandable by the layperson and fitness professional alike. Highly recommended!

With this product you will finally be able to slash through the hype and understand what does and does not work based on the best available research. More importantly, you’ll be able to determine WHERE to get research, HOW to stay on the cutting edge, WHICH studies are worth reading which aren’t, and how to make sense of all the scientific jargon that prevents most people from attempting to read research in the first place.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to take the knowledge straight to the gym and create the very best programs for fat loss, muscle gain, performance, and even rehabilitation. If you’re a strength coach or trainer you’ll leave your compe ion in the dust as they tinker with the fad of the month and your clients flock to you because of the incredible results you’re able to produce. Every. Single. Time.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast and you just want to get leaner, stronger, or just look good (let’s be honest, we ALL want this) you’ll never have to risk purchasing another gimmicky product again because you’ll know how to spot a one a mile away. You’ll save money AND be able to create your very own programs to look, feel, and perform better! How… Go to store

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