Skin Care Tycoon

Skin Care Tycoon

Discover the industry secrets to create your own skin care brand and turn your products into cold hard cash

Discover the industry secrets to create your own skin care brand and turn your products into cold hard cash

In my journey over the last 10 years creating a range of products and building a business from the kitchen table to an international export company, I had SO many questions and no one to ask who had all the answers. And along the way I’ve met and worked with hundreds of aspiring Skin Care Entrepreneurs who were in exactly the same position. Skincare Tycoon provides you with all the answers you need in one place to make and market beautifully re-saleable skin care products.

Having been interested in natural skin care ever since I was a little, I finally decided to create my own natural range of products, after finishing university. However, having spend many years in lecture halls and cl rooms, I was not prepared to go back to school just yet. Needless to say I was beyond excited to find a natural skin care course that I could do online, and even better, in my own time. Nerida and Aaron have created an absolutely WONDERFUL site, which takes you through all aspects of creating your own natural skin care products, be it as a hobby or starting up your own brand- it is all there. I’ve found the Skin Care Tycoon course to be extremely comprehensive, however, being very easy to understand and such a delight to follow through, step by step. I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to know the ins and outs of natural skin care. The video tutorials are awesome, and I love coming back to the modules for a "refresh" once in a while. Nerida & Aaron, you guys are tops! Thank you so much for sharing!

Thank you so much for putting all your years of experience, industry know-how and vast knowledge of the many facets of how to create and build a successful skincare business into this fantastic learn-at-home package. The information is provided in an easy to understand format. The modules are comprehensive without being overwhelming. Everything I possibly wanted to ask about creating a skin care business is answered in the modules. It has been invaluable tool for me to create my business. Without the Skin Care Tycoon online study course I would still be floundering about and struggling to get the business up and going. I find myself referring to various modules frequently, it’s my skincare bible! Thank you both so very much. I simply could not have gotten my business going without it!

I just want to say a big thankyou to Nerida for this wonderful skin care course. This course is jam packed with loads of extremely useful information in making your business successful, I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is wanting to make their own natural skin care products to use at home and also for those who are wanting to manufacture their own line of skin care. I especially loved the video tutorials! I have experienced such a high quality customer service from this company. Thanks again guy’s! Joanne Bennett

Learn Step-By-Step How to Build Your Product Range & Your Brand from the Ground Up Using Cost Effective Strategies That Work

I know how easy it is to fall in love with your products…AND I know how hard it can be to make that into a profitable business, especially when you have to work it out for yourself and only have a shoestring budget. If you’d like to short cut through thev many pitfalls of product creation and bringing that product quickly and profitably to market, I have covered everything in this course that I came up against in my 10 year journey in the skin care industry. This is culmination of all the blood, sweat and tears that I went through that hopefully you won’t need to! I ended up running a very successful business, doing something I absolutely loved and creating a lifestyle business that had others asking “how did you do that?” There really are so many things you need to consider before you take your product to market to give yourself the best chance of success. Once you get your products sorted, there is of course the marketing that needs to follow. Many people only consider the first step (product creation) without putting the time into thinking through how they will market the product and make it a profitable business. This is a whole other skill set that needs to be mastered and one that is imperative to the success of your business.

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