Bodyweight Overload:

Bodyweight Overload:

I’m Joe and at 36 I’ve been training on and off for 18 years. Until a couple of months ago I used to push iron in the gym but I found it boring and repe ive, hence the on and off part of training. I was looking for an alternative and discovered body weight training. I contacted Todd about testing this program and was lucky enough to be accepted.

2 weeks into BodyWeight Overload I cancelled my gym membership. There was no need to pay expensive fees when I had everything I needed already – my own body. Who knew Todd’s way of doing push ups would give me quicker and better results than dumb bells?

I had a great time rediscovering what my body is capable of and look forward to pushing myself further. Bring it on Todd!

"My name is John and I am 48 years old. I have been on a quest for last couple of years to lose weight and get in shape. Through persistence and managing a good and healthy diet I lost around 30 pounds. But now my goal was to put on some muscle. I have read and tried a lot of things on the Internet and YouTube from HIIT to kettlebell to sandbags and BodyWeight exercises. I got some results. But when I found Todd’s BodyWeight Overload I was excited. Through his 6 week program I managed to lose 2 inches from my waist (35 to 33) and add one inch to my arms and 2 inches to my chest. I lost a couple of pounds but that was not my goal. By using his protocol of angular training you will discover this is not your ordinary BodyWeight routine. Also because of the angular and single limb training you will find imbalances and be able to fix them. I highly recommend Todd’s program if you are serious about BodyWeight training and developing strength and muscle."

Well, you’re probably thinking how great it would be for you to transform YOUR body just like Joe and John in just 6 weeks. You may be thinking, “Yeah, they can do it but I have never been in shape and couldn’t gain an ounce of muscle to save my life.” Let me tell you something important… Listen real close my friend… Its. Not. Your. Fault. Seriously. There is TONS of information out there all over the place especially when it comes to body weight exercises. Many programs claim that they’ll help you develop a strong physique but the sad part is that they will just leave you skinny. Sure they’ll help you stay healthy. But they won’t help you build muscle because they make some MAJOR errors in design of the program.

I see this all the time. People see a cool body weight workout routine with exercises like Hindu Push Ups or Crab Walks and think, “Sweet! If I do these exercises I bet I’ll get bigger because my body isn’t used to doing them! I know I need to give my body something new in order to stimulate it to grow. I bet these exercises will do it.” Wrong! Dead wrong, in fact. Unique body weight exercises are NOT going to bring you size. There are hundreds of variations of unique body weight exercises out there: Dolphin Push Ups, Pistol Squats, Kipping Pull Ups, Bear Squats… etc… etc… etc… Here’s the problem with thinking that the type of exercise is where the benefit lies… When you start doing a new exercise it is TRUE that your body isn’t used to doing it. So you typically can only get a few reps. It challenges your body in a new way so you see some change. After awhile (and usually pretty quickly) your body adapts. You can now crank out 15, 20 or even 30 reps of an exercise. After a few weeks you look in the mirror and think, “Dang, why aren’t I seeing results like when I first started?” The REAL reason is because you are not staying in a low rep range. Your body has adapted to the exercise and it takes more and more reps to reach fatigue. This may be good for developing a “pump” feeling but will not be giving you the size you are looking for. Think about how a professional body builder works out. Do they use lighter weights and go for high reps (15 to 20)? Or do they use heavy weights and stay within a 6-8 or 8-12 rep range? Drum roll….. Low reps. You NEED TO STAY IN A LOW REP RANGE TO BUILD SIZE. And YES, it CAN be done with only body weight exercises.

Most body weight programs make the inexcusable sin of… Go to store

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